If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, there are three standard charges.

You will pay one of the following three charges:

£21.60  This charge will include an examination, x-rays and scale and polish. Urgent and out of hours care will also cost £21.60

£59.10  This charge includes all necessary treatment covered by the £21.60 charge plus additional treatment such as fillings and extractions.

£256.50 This charge includes all necessary treatment covered by the £21.60 and £59.10 charges plus more complex procedures such as crowns  and dentures.

 You will be exempt from NHS charges if you:    
are aged under 18
are aged 18 and in full-time education
are pregnant, or have had a baby, in the 12 months before treatment starts
receive income support
receive income-based jobseeker’s allowence
have a pension credit quarantee card
have a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate

All clinically necessary treatments (those that are necessary to secure and maintain oral health) and dentures are available on the NHS. If you would like treatment that is purely cosmetic (for example tooth whitening, white fillings or white crowns on the back teeth), you are able to have this done privately. Speak to your dentist for an estimate of treatment costs in addition to the NHS costs.